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App Marketplace

The Smart Phone revolution wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the cottage App industry. What was once a cottage has turned into a $30 billion a year metropolis. Considering that it is only 5 years old, that is impressive. In Vancouver there are App companies with revenues north of $30M. Facebook paid over $1 […]

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Mobile is everywhere. It has fundamentally changed the way we communicate for most of the planet. There are 6 billion cell phones in the world, the population is only 7 billion. Compared to  2.4 billion Internet users, there are almost 2.5 times as many cell phones. 1 billion of those phones are Smart Phones using […]

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Wearable Technology

Technology will soon allow us to make significant improvements to our humanity. In other words, technology will soon become part of us. This process is most apparent with mobile devices. People cannot live without their smart phones. The smart phone is only 5 years old and has become indispensable. A cell phone is not connected […]

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