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Solve Aging

Aging is the number one cause of dying. In the modern world the average lifespan today is around 80. The Japanese, Swiss and Italians have the longest lifespans. In worldwide rankings, Canada ranked #11 and the USA #40. Thinking Exponentially, huge strides in increasing average lifespan have been made. From 38 in 1850, 59 by 1930, 68 by 1970, […]

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Life Extension

Aging is still the largest unmet problem in the world today. One of my favourite books is The Life Extension Revolution. Written by Philip Lee Miller in partnership with the Life Extension Foundation (LEF), its a serious book about the science the extending lifespan. LEF is a non-profit organization that provides nutritional supplements to the public […]

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The $1,000 Genome

Reading DNA is the fasting growing technology – ever. In The $1,000 Genome by Kevin Davis, he jumps into how we went from the $1,000,000,000 to a soon to be $1000 Genome. More importantly he explains the role of DNA sequencing in the era of personalized medicine. DNA Sequencing is a technology still in its […]

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