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Apply Technology Trends

Exponential technology trends can combine and intersect with unbelievable results. The kind of results that can change the world on a impressive scale, disrupt entire industries and create Abundance for everyone. Start by taking 10 trends identified at Think Exponential and placing them in a grid, 5 on a side. By combining two technologies and […]

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Solve Cancer

Cancer is a terrible burden. 1 in 2 will get it, 1 in 3 will die. Cancer is caused by changes or mutations in your DNA. A mutation occurs when a DNA letter is changed, deleted or inserted. With the wrong changes a cell can begin copying itself uncontrollably. The gas pedal may be stuck on […]

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The $1,000 Genome

Reading DNA is the fasting growing technology – ever. In The $1,000 Genome by Kevin Davis, he jumps into how we went from the $1,000,000,000 to a soon to be $1000 Genome. More importantly he explains the role of DNA sequencing in the era of personalized medicine. DNA Sequencing is a technology still in its […]

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