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Business Growth ChartExponential technology trends can combine and intersect with unbelievable results. The kind of results that can change the world on a massive scale, disrupt entire industries and create Abundance for everyone.

Lets take 10 trends identified at Think Exponential and place them in a grid, 5 on a side. By combining two technologies and their corresponding trends, we can find applications in industry and society. This is just a subset, there are almost 50 exponential technologies generating 2500 combinations.

Applications of Combined Technologies
A.I. Compute Enhance Genetics Internet
Mobile Medical Everywhere Smart Phones Google Glass 23andMe Topple Dictators
Nanotech Brain to Computer Neural Chips Bionic Eye USB DNA Sequencer Internet of Things
Robotics Self Driving Cars Military Conflict Solve Paralysis Cure Cancer Explore Oceans
Syn Bio Glowing Trees  Organic Chips Precise Gene Therapy Energy Global Warming
3D Print Asteroid Mining Reinvent Production Artificial Limbs Synthetic Organs The Long Tail

Thinking Exponentially, in the next decade each technology will improve 100 to 100,000 fold. You only need your imagination to see how technologies, when combined, can create amazing applications.

Medical Everywhere

Set of touchscreen smartphonesMobile, Artificial Intelligence: As smart phones progress they can serving more and more as remote medical diagnostic tools. Then can read heart rate, analyze moles, image wounds, sequence DNA on site, and even do blood work. Connected to a centralized artificial intelligence like IBM’s Watson, and you have world-class medical expertise everywhere for everyone.

Cure Cancer

DNA background 2Genetics, Computing, Robotics: Cancer  is a genetic disease. By reading the genetics of millions of cancer lines, we will be able to find common genetic mutations that are unique to cancer but common to all cancers. There well be so much data that the problem is only addressable with cloud computing and robotics. Already there are dozens of projects around the world doing exactly that. There will be many ways to Battle Cancer.

Topple Dictatorships

FilmInternet, Mobile: Mobile phones allow for anyone to take a single event, record in video and broadcast it globally. This is a catalyst to emotional motivate a population to rise up. It happened in Egypt, Libya and now in Syria. Crowd sourcing organized enough people into critical mass to topple entire governments. In some ways Twitter has changed the world in a way the US military never could.

Scalable Web Apps

Main air routes in EuropeInternet, Computing: Cloud computing allows for anyone to get as many computers as then need cheaply and quickly. Amazon is the leader with a million servers. A single person can create a new web app and launch it online from a coffee shop. Anyone can control 1000’s of computers to do their bidding. Launching a scalable website used to cost a million, now it’s $10,000. Likewise large scale computing projects are accessible to all.

Global Warming

Digital illustration of a dnaSynthetic Bio, Crowd Sourcing: Carbon dioxide levels rising is problematic. With Synthetic Biology it is possible to create artificial life forms. Life that exists only to do a very specific function, such as remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store as sugars. Using Internet powered Crowd Sourced funding such as KickStarter, anyone could crowd finance their own synthetic life project.

Military Conflict

Android Reveals Internal Technology Electrical Circuit 10Robotics, Artificial Intelligence: Soon military drones will be flown entirely by on A.I. Scanning territory from miles away, flying in robotic fleets, using facial recognition software. Take it a step further, unmanned fighter jets, autonomous tanks, and even robot soldiers could be built. Its far easier to build robots than it is to train humans. It will change the face of military conflict.


iStock_000000784883XSmall3D Printing, Nanotech: About a billion, 1 in 7, live without the basic necessities of life. They lack power, water, housing.. Using nanopores it will be possible to create filters that can create clean water effectively freely. Combined with 3D Printing, nano tools and parts easily created. The same technology could be used to create high-efficiency solar cells for power.


Dna capsule in abstract backgroundGenetics, Synthetic Life: Craig Venter has collected for 60 million genes from bacteria all over the world. It is the world’s largest genetic library. Using genetic printing, it is possible to extract from nature the genes we need to create a unique life form. One that spits out high-grade light sweet crude oil by taking using salt water, solar energy and carbon in the atmosphere.


Icons Cloud around Touchscreen Smartphone. Vector ImageInternet, Mobile: Education, or more specifically, lack of education is what keeps society down. With a cell phone and the Internet, now anyone can take a course on anything – often for free. In 2011 180,000 people took Stanford University’s online artificial intelligence class. Getting into Stanford is almost impossible, thanks to cell phones and the Internet, now anybody can attend. Coursera, Khan Academy and Udacity offer online learning to the planet.


This is just the tip of the proverbial exponential iceberg. What is key is that by combining technology trends, amazing results are possible. Even if the technology is not readily available today, you can predict when it will be.

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