Who We Are

Think ExponentialThink Exponential, first and foremost is an Angel Investment company. We specialize in investing in companies and helping others invest in leveraging exponential technology trends.

With a deep understanding of marketing, positioning and technology, we possess a unique perspective. Our focus is Computer Science, Genetics and Nanotech.

Fotolia_43336895_S copyThink Exponential speaks from years of experience. Our first company, CADVision Internet started in the Internet Service Provider (ISP) business in 1994. Using the trend of doubling telecom speeds, CADVision grew to dominate its ISP market and sold for millions in 2000.

Our most recent exit is CureTogether, acquired by personal genetics company 23andMe. A successful investment that combined two key trends: crowdsourcing and genetic sequencing.

Technology trends are trackable and predictable. It is possible to determine where any technology is, where it is going, and how fast it is moving.


Geoffrey Shmigelsky

Geoffrey Shmigelsky, is founder and CEO of Think Exponential, he is also the founder of CADVision Internet and the sole investor in CureTogether.  His background includes Computer Science, Genetics and the Entrepreneur in Residence at the Haskayne School of Business. You can find him on LinkedIn.

I am proud to have won the 2000 Entrepreneur of the Year award, Top 40 under 40 numerous times and to be an Associate Founder of the Singularity University.

You can learn more about our some of public deals on AngelList.

With both a business and a technology perspective, we offer our partners a unique view point. If you are considering how to best utilize technology, feel free to Contact Us.