Related Websites CADVision Internet DNASnips is my personal website. Find a journal  of my adventures, investments and charity efforts. After you sell your first company, you’ll be on a high for years. Learn about my interests in travelling, living abroad and exotics. CADVision Internet was my first company, I started it over 20 years ago using university rent money. It grew to become the largest ISP in major Canadian city. Unlike most startups, we never raised capital yet became extremely profitable. DNASnips is a project to compare family phenotypes against DNA SNP results. Using 23andMe, DecodeMe, and four generations of my family. I did a deep analysis comparing family history against predicted SNP results.
My projects fall into two categories: investments and non-profits. Investments include the Singularity University, Getaround and CureTogether. My charity efforts are more diverse with the Super Centenarian Study, XPrize Foundation and launching iPads in local schools. In 2000 CADVision was acquired at the peak of the dot-com boom. If you are selling your company, have a look at the sale book, it is an excellent example of positioning your firm to a strategic buyer. The key to huge success is the right motivated purchaser. The findings are remarkable in that SNP analysis proved to be incredibly accurate. Furthermore we gained insight into a high risk condition for one family member. Tests indicated lung cancer. Early detection, combined with surgery, and bit of a luck, we saved her life. Best investment ever.