Shapeways is one of the most exciting companies in the 3D printing space. Based out of New York, they provide an easy and inexpensive way for the public at large to participate in 3D Printing.

This is how it works: Goto and select one design from thousands. Choose your material, be it plastic, polymers or even metal. You may be even able to customize your design. Click print and simply pay. A few days later, your 3D printed product shows up via UPS.

What is remarkable is that Shapeways carries no inventory, items are printed as they are ordered. Your order is truly printed just for you.

How well does it work? I did my entire Christmas shopping via 3D printing and Shapeways. It worked extremely well – my son received bronze printed dice and my wife a gold necklace.

Recently Shapeways announced a new 3D printing material. A rubber like substance that tends to bend versus break. The implications are considerable, imagine printing the sole of a runner.

Thinking Exponentially, Shapeways is much more than a 3D printing shopping centre. Anyone and everyone can become their own product designer. All you have to do is imagine your product, design it on 3D software and put it up for sale at Shapeways. Set your price point and you are open for business.

Imagine creating a new iPhone case to hold your earphones and credit cards. Or perhaps create a hair braids modelled after each season, the fall would be autumn leaves, the spring blossoming flowers, and the winter interlocking snow flakes. Shapeways offers a complete tutorial on how to do it.

sw-logo-colorRecently Shapeways announced an additional $30 Million in financing. Its a serious company with huge ambitions.


Categories: 3d Printing, Video

Author:Geoffrey Shmigelsky

Technology Entrepreneur, Angel Investor


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