Life Extension

Aging is still the largest unmet problem in the world today. One of my favourite books is The Life Extension Revolution. Written by Philip Lee Miller in partnership with the Life Extension Foundation (LEF), its a serious book about the science the extending lifespan.


Life Extension

LEF is a non-profit organization that provides nutritional supplements to the public on an impressive scale. From cash flow they finance research into life extension. I have personally have met both founders of LEF and they are sincere in their cause. This book is a great summary of research and results to date.

Topics include the body’s response to stress, the role sex hormones, the power of growth hormone and maximizing brain power. At the cellular level, the impact of free radicals, inflammation and methylation are discussed. My favourite section is the anti-aging program.

Many people are aware of LEF, but the science behind the products is equally compelling.

If you are proactively taking steps to extend lifespan, you owe it to yourself to read this book. I  highly recommend it as an in-depth read, I suggest taking a section at time, thinking about its contents, and then tackling the next.

Disclaimer: I financially support a few projects with LEF.

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Author:Geoffrey Shmigelsky

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