Robotics is coming in a big way – this decade. It is a technology driven by computing and artificial intelligence.

Today you see robots in museums as novel toys to escort guests. They exist in the forms of drones both for the military and civilian use. Robots also explore mines and deactivate bombs, going places where humans cannot. Arguably one of the most famous robot in the world today is not even on this world, it exists on mars as the Mars Rover – Curiosity.


Thinking Exponentially, we have been living in a pseudo robot society for the past decade. Computers fly and land passenger planes with the supervision of humans. In Vancouver, our transit system is driverless, a computer controls and runs the trains on the Canada Line. As AI and Computing grows, robots are going to be impressively more independent.

The best example to date is by Google, who has spear-headed a project to create a self driving car.

One of the most amazing robot videos I have ever seen is Big Dog. Built in 2008 by Boston Dynamics, Big Dog is a military packing horse. What is truly remarkable about this video is the empathy you feel towards the robot as it falls or is kicked, about half way through.

Fast forward to 2013, Big Dog has come long way and is now equipped with a robotic arm. In this video Big Dog picks up a heavy cinder block, easily manipulates it, and then tosses it a distance that human never could.

Thinking Exponentially, economically speaking the world is competing at many levels. Nations that have a strong robotic work force will have a huge advantage of those who do not. Robots tend to scale way better than people – they scale geometrically.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see how robotic autonomous cars will affect your daily commute, public transit or the taxi market. Likely the first truly large scale adoption of robotics by the public.


Categories: Robotics, Video

Author:Geoffrey Shmigelsky

Technology Entrepreneur, Angel Investor


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