Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, also know as A.I. or AI, is one of the least understood and most under estimated fields of technology.

Artificial Intelligence has become a corner-stone of today’s world. AI’s run financial markets, fly planes and diagnoses diseases. An AI is often trained or taught, sometimes you will see it called machine learning. An AI is really just a program that can learn and adapt much like a person can. AI’s are nowhere near as adaptive as humans, but they are duplicated easily.

Android Reveals Internal Technology Electrical Circuit 10Thinking Exponentially, the driving force behind AI is the power and size of computing. As computers grow, AI’s will scale. Supercomputers run the largest AI’s but even desktops have serious AI software. One day these will be in our tablets and in our smart phones. When combined with the Internet, it is possible to use a smart phone to ask an AI almost anything regardless of where you are. Think Siri.

This is why I donated my time to the XPrize Tricorder contest, a smart phone interfaced with a brilliant AI. It brings world class medical knowledge to everyone.

The secret to building a really effective AI isn’t complexity the computer program, or even the size of the computer. Ironically, it all comes down to AI training. The larger the training set, the smarter the AI. The faster your computer or more efficient training, the larger the training set. Training set size is what really defines AI intelligence. An important detail not realized by most.

One of the most impressive AI’s in existence is IBM’s Watson. A few years ago Watson easily won Jeopardy. Today Watson is being used in healthcare with stunning results.

There are many kinds forms of artificial intelligence: Neural Networks, Classification systems, Genetic algorithms, or  Expert systems. These are Weak AI as they can only do one thing very well. Strong AI, which does not yet exist, would be something along the lines of human intelligence – adaptive & creative.

Both Coursera and Udacity offer free online courses in Artificial Intelligence. I have taken both, I highly recommend either.


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Author:Geoffrey Shmigelsky

Technology Entrepreneur, Angel Investor


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  1. March 10, 2013 at 11:07 am #

    Artificial intelligence

    is normally known in the short formAi

    . Artificial intelligence

    is actually an applied and basic topic of Computer Science.


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