Social Networks

Social Networks, also known as Social Graphs, have taken the world by storm. Arguably the cornerstone of a trend called Web 2.0, it has provided an entire new dimension to the Internet.

With social networks it is possible to get an understanding of the human aspect of the Internet. Almost 2.5 billion people today are online. Knowing what they are thinking, who their friends are, what groups interested in, is an incredibly powerful thing. Effectively a birds eye view of the human race.

Social Networking Friends Diagram

Thinking Exponentially, this technology took off with the development of digital cameras. People could easily share images. That was the key catalyst. Once smart phones took hold, everyone could share anything at anytime making social networking effectively : anytime & anywhere.

The future is this trend is driven by the ability to add data to the social network. Any technology that makes this happen automatically, such as Google Glass, will continues to drive this trend upwards. Social networks will reach a whole new level once Brain to Computer Interfaces mature. Imagine, think then share. The implications are profound.

Social networking has been used with some amazing results. At the most basic level they have allowed friends to stay connected over the years.  Families keep in touch with almost daily updates. On a more profound level, revolutions have begun when the populations rise up and organize through social networks –  a significant agent of change.

The truly first social network company was called Friendster. Followed shortly there after by MySpace. Today numerous companies dominate this space: Facebook for the consumer market with 1 Billion users, Twitter for short quick updates, Google Plus, and LinkedIn for the professional market with 200 Million users. Additional cottage industries have also sprung up around social graphs, especially social gaming with firms as Zynga. Its big business, combined these companies are worth 100 billion.


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Author:Geoffrey Shmigelsky

Technology Entrepreneur, Angel Investor


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