Surveys have shown that the average person will give up just about anything before they lose their Internet. Its is hard to remember a time when we did not have the Internet as a key part of our lives, but the fact remains that it has only been in the public for just over 15 years. Yet few technologies have so radically changed the world, at a fundamental level, as the Internet.

Technology BackgroundThinking Exponentially, the Internet has grown geometrically. Today over 2.4 billion people using the Internet today. There are 7 billion people on Earth. There are still many unconnected humans, but is quickly changing with Mobile.

The Internet powers some incredibly applications. The most well-known one is the Web, but that is only one. There is a whole side to the Internet you never true see. Such as Email, gaming, texting, secure communications, virtual networks, calendars, backups, and so forth. All these program share the Internet to do their thing running in the own ports. Atop many of these applications are added layers of functionality, such as FaceBook, Youtube or Maps.

The Internet has created some of the most valuable companies in the world.  Google is worth about 250 billion. Amazon 120 Billion. Facebook is 60 Billion. My first company, CADVision Internet, served Internet access to over 60,000 people before being acquired for $30 million.

Thinking Exponentially, the Internet still has a lot of room to grow. Today, there are almost 1 billion hosts, a computer that provides data on the Internet. With IPv6, the number of devices that can be connect is effectively infinite. A project called the Internet of Things, which basically is everything and anything is available online.

The Internet went through the typical hype vs reality cycle. Initially it was vastly over promised, and they it over delivered, on such a massive scale if defied all expectations.

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Author:Geoffrey Shmigelsky

Technology Entrepreneur, Angel Investor


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