Mobile is everywhere. It has fundamentally changed the way we communicate for most of the planet.

There are 6 billion cell phones in the world, the population is only 7 billion. Compared to  2.4 billion Internet users, there are almost 2.5 times as many cell phones. 1 billion of those phones are Smart Phones using 3G or 4G. However, most cell phones are 2G meaning they are effectively text only. Cell phones have replaced old-fashioned land lines in most developing countries. It happened over the course of only 20 years.

Icons Cloud around Touchscreen Smartphone. Vector Image

Applying Exponential Thinking, there are two key trends happening. First is that smart phones, phones that are effectively portable computers, are quickly replacing older text only phones. These computers are much more enabled than a typical laptop, with cameras, GPS, motion tracking and other features built-in. Apple iPhone and Google Android are the dominant players.

Second is the wireless technology continues to improve in leaps and bounds. From 2G to 3G to 4G. Think text to images to video. The bottom line is that today you can easily run an entire household, with HD video, off a single 4G or LTE cell phone connection. It’s that fast and soon it will be everywhere.

With portable high-speed computers with high-speed connections in everyone’s pocket, people have become connected with their technology 24*7. If you have any doubt, just sit in a coffee shop or public transit and watch. Email, texting, video, gaming, weather, shopping, stocks, banking is done in a way that serves a fundamental human need: Instant Gratification. Of all the technologies in the last 20 years, we have come to depend on mobile more than any other.


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Author:Geoffrey Shmigelsky

Technology Entrepreneur, Angel Investor


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