The Singularity is Near

One of the most influential people in the world when it comes to technology is Ray Kurzweil. Not only is he a prolific inventor and the Chancellor of Singularity University, he recently joined Google as Director of Engineering.

Singularity is Near the Book

The Singularity is Near

I read this book back in 2007 and I consider it one of the most important books ever written. It was the first book I read that opening discussed the power of exponential technology curves. The same types of growth curves that drive my business decisions from founding companies to Think Exponential to Angel Investing. In 2009 I had the opportunity meet many of the people behind this book, I was impressed enough to become an Associate Founder of Singularity University.

It was these types of technology curves that made CADVision Internet  and CureTogether such successful business propositions.

Another good follow-on book is Abundance, I suggest reading both.


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Author:Geoffrey Shmigelsky

Technology Entrepreneur, Angel Investor


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