One of the best books I ever read about the implications of technology is by Peter H. Diamandis. He is the arguably the key person behind of the XPrize, Singularity University, Zero-G Gravity flights and Planetary Resources.

Abundance the Book

Abundance the Book

Peter takes the projections of The Singularity is Near one step further and applies them to the biggest problems facing humankind today. The theory of Abundance, that technology takes something that was once scarce and makes it plentiful, has plenty of evidence in history. You only have to look how fracking changed the Energy industry in the last 5 years.

I personally know Peter from my work with XPrize and Singularity University. It was Peter’s passion to change the world that convinced me to join Singularity University as an Associate Founder. I felt his cause was so worthwhile I also donated my web company’s time to develop the  software used to choose Tricorder XPrize.

Abundance is one the most important books of 2012. Highly recommended.

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Author:Geoffrey Shmigelsky

Technology Entrepreneur, Angel Investor


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