Solve Extinction

Extinction isn’t what it once was. Countless species have become extinct over the eons – from Dinosaurs to Woolly Mammoths to the adorable Dodo Birds. When a species is gone, ...

What is Protein

Yes, that is a plate of tofu. It’s made of proteins – the same proteins that make you. You are literally a massive collection of proteins, they are the building ...

Quantum Computing

Easily the most bizarre technology on the horizon is quantum computing. It is so un-intuitive, don’t be surprised if you first don’t get it. At the atomic level, the smallest ...

Whats Hot

Crowd Sourcing

Crowd sourcing is the art and business of drawing upon the resources ...


Shapeways is one of the most exciting companies in the 3D printing ...

Apply Technology Trends

Exponential technology trends can combine and intersect with unbelievable results. The kind ...

Exponential Tech

Below is a graph of Computing on a logarithmic scale. It shows the power ...

Think Exponential

Thinking Exponential exists to change how you see technology – to think of ...

Solve Energy

Energy is the source of many world conflicts. We are a society ...

Solve Cancer

Cancer is a terrible burden. 1 in 2 will get it, 1 ...

Solve Aging

Aging is the number one cause of dying. In the modern world ...

Self Driving Cars

Self driving cars, as unbelievable as it sounds, are autonomous vehicles that ...


Robotics is coming in a big way – this decade. It is ...

Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon Nanotubes, and their corresponding Buckyballs, are the hottest short term nanotechnology ...

3D Printing

3D Printing, also known as rapid prototyping, allows everyone to create almost ...

Latest News

Games Democratized – Unity3D

Unity3D is a revolutionary game platform that allows for almost anyone to create a video game and reach a world-wide audience. Many small teams are on record of having a game with 7 or even 8 digits of annual revenue. With over 1MM developers now use Unity, it is responsible for 100,000+ games on the iPhone and […]

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One of the most authoritative and entertaining books on synthetic biology is Regenesis written by George Church. Dr Church is a Harvard professor who easily fits into the top 5 humans alive today on Genetics. His lab has many ground breaking inventions / developments in genetics, synthetic life and disease treatment. Earlier this year I […]

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I invested in CureTogether in 2009. 23andMe acquired the company in 2012. I was the sole investor. The outcome was predicted on day one and expected to take 2 years – it took 3. By applying Exponential Thinking this investment was successful because of two key trends: 1. Crowd Sourcing – collecting phenotypes 2. Genetic Sequencing […]

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CADVision Internet

CADVision Internet is a local Internet Service Provider in Canada with a rich history in entrepreneurship. I started the company in University in 1990 using rent money. CADVision grew to dominate its market with over 60,000 customers and 62% marketshare. It was self financed, embraced the freemium model and first to roll out ADSL citywide. Above […]

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Solve Education

Education is the foundation of our society. Free Online Education will accelerate the advancement of science, knowledge and critical thinking – globally. Thinking Exponentially,  Internet, Mobile and tablet Computing have made it possible to provide free online classes worldwide. Content needs to be created just once and is then available wirelessly to hand-held computers. Offered at […]

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Frankenstein’s Cat

I had the distinct pleasure of reading the recently released Frankenstein’s Cat by Emily Anthes. Its a fun light read on how Synthetic Biology will impact animals and humans. Frankenstein’s Cat is a great deep dive into the world genetics:  gene manipulation, engineering lifeforms and synthetic life. Emily does a great job in getting across the […]

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Life Extension

Aging is still the largest unmet problem in the world today. One of my favourite books is The Life Extension Revolution. Written by Philip Lee Miller in partnership with the Life Extension Foundation (LEF), its a serious book about the science the extending lifespan. LEF is a non-profit organization that provides nutritional supplements to the public […]

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The $1,000 Genome

Reading DNA is the fasting growing technology – ever. In The $1,000 Genome by Kevin Davis, he jumps into how we went from the $1,000,000,000 to a soon to be $1000 Genome. More importantly he explains the role of DNA sequencing in the era of personalized medicine. DNA Sequencing is a technology still in its […]

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App Marketplace

The Smart Phone revolution wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the cottage App industry. What was once a cottage has turned into a $30 billion a year metropolis. Considering that it is only 5 years old, that is impressive. In Vancouver there are App companies with revenues north of $30M. Facebook paid over $1 […]

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, also know as A.I. or AI, is one of the least understood and most under estimated fields of technology. Artificial Intelligence has become a corner-stone of today’s world. AI’s run financial markets, fly planes and diagnoses diseases. An AI is often trained or taught, sometimes you will see it called machine learning. An […]

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What is DNA

In leveraging DNA it helps to know how the stuff works. It’s remarkably simple yet generates every living thing around you. From a simple code nature has created effectively infinite combinations. It only takes 5 minutes to learn but you will gain a deep understanding of the process of life and be a hit at […]

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Neural Networks

Neural Networks are a form of Artificial Intelligence that learns through a process called Machine Learning. Neural Networks originated in the 1970’s when scientists tried to recreate the logic of a brain using virtual neurons.  A neuron works by taking input from a variety of sources, mainly other neurons, and when a threshold is reached, it fires. One neuron will […]

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Social Networks

Social Networks, also known as Social Graphs, have taken the world by storm. Arguably the cornerstone of a trend called Web 2.0, it has provided an entire new dimension to the Internet. With social networks it is possible to get an understanding of the human aspect of the Internet. Almost 2.5 billion people today are […]

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Brain to Computer Interface

Brain to Computer Interface, also known as BCI, is one of the most exciting developments in technology. It allows for a person to communicate with a computer using only their thoughts. Traditionally a person would use a keyboard or mouse to instruct a computer what to do. In some cases you could even use a […]

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Exoms, Genomes, SNPs

The various techniques to read DNA are not equal. I want to give you quick overview of each approach and the major companies. If you need a quick recap to What is DNA, now would be a good time. There are three primary ways to read DNA. SNPs, Exoms and Genomes. In all cases the […]

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Get SNPd!

In my humble opinion, the best $100 investment you can ever make is to get yourself SNP’d. No scissors involved. UPDATE: In November 2013, 23andMe was ordered to stop selling genetic testing kits by the FDA. Currently a much more limited product is available. SNP DNA testing is a process by which your DNA is scanned looking for […]

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Computing, powered by computers, serves as the backbone of our information society. They act as the cornerstone to the Internet, desktops, mobile phones and countless other industries. Computers are arguably the most important invention of the last 50 years. Thinking Exponentially, almost everyone under estimates the implications of computing technology. Each generation of computers stands […]

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Genetic Sequencing

Our ability to read DNA has become one the fastest growing technologies ever. Reading all the DNA for a single human is called reading a person’s genome. A human genome is big, it’s roughly 6 billion letters long consisting of G C T and A. Almost every cell in your body contains a full copy of […]

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Surveys have shown that the average person will give up just about anything before they lose their Internet. Its is hard to remember a time when we did not have the Internet as a key part of our lives, but the fact remains that it has only been in the public for just over 15 […]

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Mobile is everywhere. It has fundamentally changed the way we communicate for most of the planet. There are 6 billion cell phones in the world, the population is only 7 billion. Compared to  2.4 billion Internet users, there are almost 2.5 times as many cell phones. 1 billion of those phones are Smart Phones using […]

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Almost the entire modern world is based on our ability to manipulate electrons with some degree of precision. It is the basis of computers, the Internet, and telecommunications. What has been lacking is similar progress with atoms. Manipulating atoms with accuracy is extremely challenging. Thinking Exponentially, control of electrons progressed from powering lights to enabling smart […]

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Wearable Technology

Technology will soon allow us to make significant improvements to our humanity. In other words, technology will soon become part of us. This process is most apparent with mobile devices. People cannot live without their smart phones. The smart phone is only 5 years old and has become indispensable. A cell phone is not connected […]

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The Singularity is Near

One of the most influential people in the world when it comes to technology is Ray Kurzweil. Not only is he a prolific inventor and the Chancellor of Singularity University, he recently joined Google as Director of Engineering. I read this book back in 2007 and I consider it one of the most important books […]

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Synthetic Life

Synthetic life, also known as synbio or synthetic biology, is a relatively new technology that will revolutionize the world. It is nothing short of the power to create our own custom life forms. Synthetic life is likely to be the hottest single technology for the rest of this decade. Thinking Exponentially, there have been amazing advancements in […]

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One of the best books I ever read about the implications of technology is by Peter H. Diamandis. He is the arguably the key person behind of the XPrize, Singularity University, Zero-G Gravity flights and Planetary Resources. Peter takes the projections of The Singularity is Near one step further and applies them to the biggest […]

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